Yamaha FJR1300 Windshields
California Scientific
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Shields for the 2013 FJR1300A available now.

Yamaha FJR1300 Windshields
Extra Wide Touring Shields for 2013+ FJR1300
SizeOrderHeightWidth (low)Width (high)
XL XWide 2013+

+7" = +18cm27"19"
Large XWide 2013+

+5.5" = +14cm27"19"
Medium XWide 2013+

+4" = +10cm27"19"
Standard Width Touring Shields for 2013+ FJR1300
SizeOrderHeightWidth (low)Width (high)
XL 2013+

+7" = +18cm24"16"
Large 2013+

+5.5" = +14cm24"16"
Medium 2013+

+4" = +10cm24"16"
Sport 2013+

+2.5" = +6,5cm24"16"
Tinted Shorty 2013+

Touring Shields for 2006-2012 FJR1300
SizeOrderHeightWidth (low)Width (high)
XXL 2006-2012

+5.5" = +14cm24.5"16"
XL 2006-2012

+4.5" = +11,5cm24.5"16"
Large 2006-2012

+3.5" = +9cm24.5"15"
Medium 2006-2012

+2.5" = +6,5cm24.5"13"
Tinted Shorty 2006-2012

Touring Shields for 2003-2005 FJR1300
SizeOrderHeightWidth (low)Width (high)
XL 2003 to 2005

+6" = +15cm26"14.5"
Large 2003 to 2005

+4.5" = +11,5cm26"14.5"
Medium 2003 to 2005

+2.75" = +7cm26"14"
Tinted Shorty
2003 to 2005

Other Stuff for your Bike
Well Nuts


Dia: .375" Len: .665" 5mm screw 6 pieces
Heated Grip Kit

Heater elements for use with your stock grips
Heated Seat Kit

Heater element for use with your stock seat
Two kits required to heat both rider and passenger seats
Heat Controller

5 level controller for heated seat or grip kit
Handlebar Mitts

Keep your hands warm and dry

Keep your neck and chin warm
Seat Modification Kit

Relieve the pressure on your hip bones
Includes foam for both rider and passenger seats

From FJR Owners Association [My] 4th and last Windshield: California Scientific..tall version. Tall version still allowes me to easily see over the top in the lowered position and up to approx 2" raised. As with all models this comes with the ports cut at the bottom of the shield. HUGE improvement over stock and LARGE improvement over the CeeBailey shields. All backpressure is gone and the noise level has dropped approx 60-70%. In fact, for the first time I can hear my exhast tone clearly at all speeds. Also noticed that I don't have to raise the shield very far to get superior coverage. For my money, the CalSci windshield is the best for the money.

Email from 2006 FJR owners: Mark, Let me say the Windshield is perfect. I had the opportunity to ride approximately 50 miles today and it's great. With the shield in the up position the air is quiet and smooth as it slides around you. With the windshield in the lower positions you get as much smooth air as you want. The shield is steady at well into triple digits - even in the full up position. I've used many different shields in over 30 years of riding and this is the "BEST" shield in my opinion.
Wade Moorefield, Florida, 06 FJR1300

Hi Mark,
I bought and installed your 4-1/2" higher than stock windshield on my 2006 FJR1300, and I am so happy with it that I had to write.
Thank you for taking the time to design and market such a stellar product. The reduction in air turbulence and noise permit a serene, relaxing ride even at high speeds. I heartily recommend this shield to anyone in search of a better ride.
Respectfully,Dick Knuth

Hey Mark,
I could not be happier with the large CalSci windscreen. It exceeds my expectations in every way. I had the opportunity to use on my bike for a week the V Steam windscreen. Candidly, I was ready to purchase the V-Steam. I concluded after riding down the freeway one time with your product that it protected my hands much better with the wideness of the shield, and it protected my torso much better relative to the height. Plus it did not feel as though I pushing a door down the road. The V-Stream moves around in the up and down position too much for my liking. Your product is steady as the stock shield, thus putting much less stress on the mounting brackets and motor.
Sincerely,M. Brian Jones


Additional Windshield Pictures

2013+ FJR1300 Standard Width Touring Shield

FJR 1300 2013 Large, Medium, Sport, Tinted Shorty.
The stock shield is very close in size to our Shorty.

2013+ FJR1300 Extra-Wide Touring Shield

2013 FJR1300 Tinted Shorty

2006 FJR1300

2006 FJR1300 Tinted Shorty

2003-2005 FJR1300

California Scientific
4011 Seaport, West Sacramento, CA 95691
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