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BrainMaker Neural Network Software

BrainMaker Neural Network Application Examples

Stocks, Commodities and Futures

Currency Price Predictions
James O'Sullivan: Controls trading of more than 10 different financial markets with consistent profits.
Corporate Bond Rating
George Pugh: Predicts corporate bond ratings with 100% accuracy for consulting and trading.
Standard and Poor's 500 Prediction
LBS Capital Management, Inc: Predicts the S&P 500 one day ahead and one week ahead with better accuracy than traditional methods.
Forecasting Stock Prices
Walkrich Investments: Neural Networks rate underpriced stock; beating the S&P.
Automated Stock Forecasting
Future Wave Software: Stock Prophet prepares stock data for use with BrainMaker.
Cost Prediction
Northern Natural Gas: Predicts gas price change with 97% accuracy.

Business, Management, and Finance

Cost Prediction
Northern Natural Gas: Predicts gas price change with 97% accuracy.
Direct Marketing Mail Prediction
Microsoft: Improves response rates from 4.9% to 8.2%.
Credit Scoring
Herbert Jensen: Predicts loan application success with 75-80% accuracy.
Real Estate Appraisal
Richard Borst: Appraises Pennsylvania and New York residential real estate to within 6%.
Identifing Policemen with Potential for Misconduct
The Chicago Police Department predict misconduct potentail based on employee records.
Finding Gold with Neural Networks
US Mineral Labs uses advanced soil analysis and BrainMaker to find gold deposits.
Jury Summoning with Neural Networks
The Montgomery Court House in Norristown, PA saves $70 million annually using The Intelligent Summoner from MEA.
Forecasting Highway Maintenance with Neural Networks
Professor Awad Hanna at the University of Wisconsin in Madison has trained a neural network to predict which type of concrete is better than another for a particular highway problem.

Medical Applications

Breast Cancer Cell Analysis
David Weinberg, MD: Image analysis ignores benign cells and classifies malignant cells.
Hospital Expenses Reduced
Anderson Memorial Hospital: Improves the quality of care, reduces death rate, and saved $500,000 in the first 15 months of use.
Prediction of Functional Recovery
V. Oppenheimer, MD: Hospital personnel use Arcon Group's BrainMaker-based FACT software over the Internet to predict functional recovery of in-patients.
Diagnosing Heart Attacks
J. Furlong, MD: Recognizes Acute Myocardial Infarction from enzyme data
Emergency Room Lab Test Ordering
S. Berkov, MD: Saves time and money ordering tests using symptoms and demographics.
Classifying Patients for Psychiatric Care
G. Davis, MD: Predicts Length of Stay for Psychiatric Patients, saving money
Diagnosing Giant Cell Arteritis with BrainMaker
Five doctors have trained a neural network using the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) database of patients with vasculitis.

Sports Applications

Thoroughbred Horse Racing
Don Emmons: 22 races, 17 winning horses.
Thoroughbred Horse Racing
Rich Janeva: 39% of winners picked at odds better than 4.5 to 1.
Dog Racing
Derek Anderson: 94% accuracy picking first place.


Solar Flare Prediction
Dr. Henrik Lundstet: Predicts the next major solar flare; helps prevent problems for power plants.
Protein Sequence Pattern Recognition
Dr. George Dombi: Recognizes Transmembrace Helical Regions with 95-98% accuracy.
Mosquito Identification
Aubrey Moore: 100% accuracy distinguishing between male and female, two species.
StellarNet Inc: Analyze spectral data to classify materials.
Predicting El Nino
A research team at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado has  trained a neural network to predict El Nino.
Weather Forecasting
Fort Worth National Weather Service: Predict rainfall to 85% accuracy.
Air Quality Testing
Researchers at the Defense Research Establishment Suffield, Chemical & Biological Defense Section, in Alberta, Canada have trained a neural network to recognize, classify and characterize aerosols of unknown origin with a high degree of accuracy.


Welding Quality
Netrologic, Inc: Recognizes welds which are most likely to fail under stress, providing increased safety, fewer accidents, and higher production.
Plastics Testing
Monsanto: Predicts plastics quality, saving research time, processing time, and manufacturing expense.
Computer Chip Manufacturing Quality
Intel: Analyzes chip failures to help improve yields.
Paper Quality Prediction
NLK - Celpap: Models pulp manufacturing processes, predicting quality of the paper product.
Nondestructive Concrete Testing
Donald G. Pratt: Detects the presence and position of flaws in reinforced concrete.
Beer Testing
Anheuser-Busch: Identifies the organic content of competitors' beer vapors with 96% accuracy.
Optimizing Enzyme Synthesis
Kirk, Barfoed, and Bjorkling at NOVO Nordisk A/S in Denmark used  BrainMaker to predict the outcome of a chemical reaction controlled by molar ratios, temperature, pressure, amount of enzyme and stirring speed.
Steam Quality Testing
AECL Research in Manitoba, Canada has developed the INSIGHT steam quality monitor, an instrument used to measure steam quality and mass flowrate.

Pattern Recognition

Speech Recognition
Dr. Ortner: Voice mail recognition for rotary phone systems
Classification of Text
Electronic Data Publishing: Classifies information read in from OCR
Working with Chaos
NetMaker's advanced engineering-style graphics help you search for strange attractors.
Chemical Drawing Recognition
Fein-Marquart Assoc: Automated translation into connection tables
Numerical Sequence Prediction
Netrologic was able to predict code sequence accuracy from 62% to 93%, depending upon the initial conditions and the presence or absence of noise.