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BrainMaker for Windows, $195

Designed by seven Caltech mathematicians and engineers, BrainMaker is for people who demand the most highly powered development tools and greatest ease of use. BrainMaker's carefully chosen defaults and automated functions save time and make design easy, even for a computer novice.

Version 3 has all the features of BrainMaker v2.5 for DOS, plus completely new features that provide tighter control over training, offer more data manipulations, give you an easy to use manual, show you the progress of training, allow you to remove neurons without destroying all connections, provide more statistics for analysis, and greater control over noise and output files.

To see a list of all the features, see the Comparison between BrainMaker and Professional

Here are some details of BrainMaker's newest features:

  1. Stop Training options are based on any number of training performance or testing performance criteria you choose. Allows you to easily find a network that tests well and lets you stop at a predefined point.
  2. Network Progress Display shows you graphically how well the network is learning. Helps you determine the accuracy level you can expect, how soon it will be done training, and how well it is doing at any time.
  3. You can train a neural network and then reduce or increase the number of hidden neurons without having to start training all over. BrainMaker cuts out the least significant neuron. This helps you train a network that generalizes well.
  4. Five new types of moving averages help you see trends better and smooth out noise in your data the way that's best for you. Five new types of moving averages help you see trends better and smooth out noise in your data the way that's best for you. Absolute values was added to NetMaker for more manipulations.
  5. More statistics are calculated and reported in the training and testing statistics files. The RMS error and the average error show you how well the network does on average over the run, and whether any facts are far outside the specified tolerance. Helps you diagnose problems and determine the best performing network.
  6. Different amounts of input noise can be specified for training, running or testing facts. Testing with more noise can give you an even better idea of generalization ability.
  7. The completely revised manual with new tutorials lets you decide how much you want to learn and guides you through the design process smoothly.
  8. Different output files can be written for training, running, and testing. Makes keeping track of results during the entire design process easier.
  9. Set all unmarked NetMaker columns to input, pattern or annotes. Makes creating BrainMaker files easier.
  10. Integration with Microsoft Windows 95 including Windows Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). With DDE you can build neural network capability into your DDE-supporting spreadsheet, database, graphics program, etc. Windows multi-tasking lets you train a network in the background while you use your computer for something else.

BrainMaker runs on any IBM PC compatible with 8 Megabytes RAM, a hard disk, and Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0. Supports color monitor, printers, mouse, most spreadsheets, databases, and graphics programs. We continue to sell BrainMaker v3.1 for people who run DOS or Windows v3.1

Home Applications What Are Neural Networks Products Ordering Info Tech Support
California Scientific      BrainMaker Neural Network Software

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