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BrainMaker Neural Network Software

Competitor for BrainMaker

Competitor is an optional program to add to the capabilities of BrainMaker. Competitor comes free with every BrainMaker Professional.

Competitor is specifically designed for people who are interested in Horse Racing and Dog Racing. Our customers have found that it is extremely difficult to train a single neural network to predict the finish order of nine horses simultaneously. Competitor solves this problem by breaking a single nine-horse race into 36 imaginary match races. Each of the nine horses is compared by BrainMaker one-on-one to the other eight horses, and a predicted winner for this pair is established. Competitor keeps track of the win/loss records of each of the nine horses. After running BrainMaker on the 36 imaginary match races, Competitor sorts the nine horses in order of their win/loss record, and lists the nine horses in this order. This is then the predicted finish order for this race.

Competitor can handle any number of races, and any number of entrants per race - there is no requirement that there be nine entrants.

In order to use Competitor successfully, you will need access to historical data on past races. This data is available on-line or on floppy disks from several different vendors. These companies advertise in your racing form. One such company is BloodStock.