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BrainMaker Neural Network Software

GTO for BrainMaker Professional

The Genetic Training Option (GTO) for BrainMaker Professional applies the latest genetic algorithm theories to optimize your neural networks automatically! Following Darwin's theories of genetic mutation and natural selection, GTO automatically creates a large number of subtly different networks to do the same job. GTO then tests, trains and ranks them to find the network that performs best overall.

Once a good network is found, it's "genes" are mutated to create another "parent" network. These two networks are then used as parents to create yet another "child" through genetic cross-over techniques. When children perform better than their parents, they are saved as evolutionarily superior "beings" and are used for producing even better generations of networks. Only the strong survive!

This new version 2 of GTO is twice as powerful, with two time-saving and accuracy-improving techniques:

Variation and evolution can be used independently or together. The best of the resulting networks can be selected on the basis of five different fitness criteria. Each network is tested according to your specifications, and the testing results of each training session are written to a file which is sorted on any of five ranking parameters you choose.

GTO can help you find the set of training parameters which produce the best performing network according to your definition of best. You can then use the best network, or even train several good networks and use the consensus of opinion when running for even better accuracy.