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Neural Network Processing for Spectroscopy

StellarNet Inc.'s moniker is "Intelligence from Light" -- an intriguingly cryptic way of describing the spectroscopic technology the Florida firm developed to optically analyse objects and substances. StellarNet's Spectroscope bathes or permeates the sample being investigated with various lights, generating optical patterns called "spectra". Designed to identify the object or substance itself and/or the presence and concentrations of various components, Spectroscope uses a BrainMaker neural network in its SpectraNet application to process the spectral data and make the appropriate recognition in real time.

Operating on PC hardware and using a BrainMaker neural network as the processing engine, SpectraNet performs accurate and detailed analysis in areas such as readout calibration for biomedical, environmental, and aerospace fiber optic monitoring sensors, chemical composition determination, quality assurance, process control, industrial monitoring, production control, and various trouble-shooting operations. In the agricultural area, one StellarNet customer is using SpectraNet's neural network capability to identify and assure proper hydration in recently harvested onions.

SpectraNet automates BrainMaker training on inputs such as units of absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, chemical/biochemical composition, percent concentration, and relative irradiance, while incorporating full analysis capability for absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, or absorbance. While customizing neural net applications into turnkey instruments with various options for data acquisition, processing, and graphical display, SpectraNet will gather known spectral examples, analyse the data using quantitative measurements such as wet chemistry and chromatography, and select the spectral regions for training (based on wavelength start, length, and increments). The data is then fed into the neural network for processing and pattern recognition.

To help automate the data preparation process, StellarNet includes a SNAKE utility in all SpectraNet software packages that allows rapid spectral data configuration for training and testing neural networks.

StellarNet Inc.
612 Shore Drive East
Box 1400
Oldsmar, FL 34677
(813) 855-8687
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