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BrainMaker is the best Neural Network software. Here's why:

  • BrainMaker is the largest selling neural network development system with over 25,000 sold.
  • BrainMaker is the work of nine Caltech mathematicians and scientists. It has the fastest training algorithms and generalizes well for new cases.
  • BrainMaker Professional has won a PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award in 1990, the Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Reader's Choice Award for AI in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997, and the Scientific Computing & Automation Readers' Choice Award for Neural Networks in 1995.
  • We're leaders: BrainMaker Professional is available with hardware accelerator boards for the PC. No one else offers any. California Scientific was chosen by Intel for the development of its 80170 neural network chip training software.
  • BrainMaker reads Excel, Lotus, dBase, CompuTrack, MetaStock, CSI, ASCII text, and binary files.
  • BrainMaker is easy to use. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a training course, or learn more than you really need to get your job done. You'll get excellent manuals, tutorials, example files, a Getting Started that will walk you through the entire process, and the highly acclaimed Introduction to Neural Networks book free.
  • BrainMaker uses the most effective algorithm available: back propagation. Maureen Caudill (a popular writer in the field) says "Back propagation is the king of applications." Why spend weeks learning other algorithms that probably won't solve your problem?
  • We're so sure you'll find BrainMaker easy to use that we offer free technical support and a money-back guarantee.
  • Some neural network systems were designed for programmers. One competitor ad claims that a major financial investment company uses their product. The investment company has a full programming staff and paid the competitor under contract to help develop a custom system just for them. With BrainMaker you don't need to do any programming or know any math.
  • BrainMaker has more analysis features than any other, for both raw data and the trained neural network's solution. Many of these are exclusive BrainMaker features.
    • Raw data analysis:
      • Data Correlator
      • Cyclic analysis
      • Column histograms
      • Financial indicators
      • Graphs
    • Network analysis:
      • Sensitivity analysis
      • All inputs, all facts
      • What-if scenarios
      • Vary-one-input graph
      • Contour plot
  • CSS has been in business, and been profitable every year, since 1985.
Home Applications What Are Neural Networks Products Ordering Info Tech Support
California Scientific      BrainMaker Neural Network Software

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