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BrainMaker Neural Network Software

BrainMaker predicts functional recovery

The Arcon Group provides accurate predictions of the functional recovery of patients over the Internet. These individual data based predictions are displayed in the form of line-graphs and delivered to clinical personnel in a few seconds. The predictions lower hospital length-of-stay, improve subacute and home care outcomes, and significantly reduce the cost of patient care. They have proven invaluable for Quality Improvement, Resource Utilization and managing care.

Arcon's FACT system predictions are derived from extensive research in the area of Rehabilitation Medicine and the broad and detailed medical database that resulted from it. The methodology incorporates state-of-the-art predictive power of Artificial Neural Nets and global, instantaneous communication over the Internet.

In client hospitals where FACT is currently operating, length-of-stay has dropped thirty percent within the populous geriatric diagnosis related groups (DRG's) where functional recovery is a key determinant of hospital discharge.

The founder and President, Loren M. Fishman M.D., Corporate Vice-President, Victor Oppenheimer Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs, Marc L. Bailin, Esq., and other Arcon Group personnel develop purely data-driven tools valuable for improving institutional effectiveness and efficiency, such as Arcon's FACT system.

Based in New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Arcon's advisory board includes medical, educational, business and legal professionals of international distinction.

With its comprehensive mastery of emerging technologies, Arcon provides the health care industry with an accurate forecast of the course of functional recovery that is totally objective and yet sensitive to each individual's uniqueness.