Other Motorcycle Accessories
Cold hands? Calsci handlebar mitts will keep your hands warm down to freezing temperatures. They pop on and off the bike in seconds and store flat in your luggage until you need them next. Handlebar mitts won't interfere with your windshield in tight turns, and keep your hands a lot warmer than bark busters or hand guards ever will. These handlebar mitts include metal straps sewn into the fabric to keep them open so that you can take your hands off the handlebars and easily return your hands to the controls.
  • Universal fit hand gauntlets keep your hands warm and dry.
  • Unique design features an adjustable opening that holds its shape to allow easier handlebar access and makes controls more visible.
  • Made with a durable water resistant 600 denier polyester shell and warm fleece lining.
  • Mitt easily and securely mounts to handlebars with poly web straps.

Cold neck? A balaclava neck piece will close up the area between your jacket collar and your helmet and keep your neck and chin warm. Highly recommended for riding in temperatures below 50° (10c).

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