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BrainMaker Neural Network Software

Every BrainMaker System Includes:

NetMaker makes building and training neural networks easy by importing data and automatically creating BrainMaker's neural network files. NetMaker imports Lotus, Excel, dBase, MetaStock, CompuTrack and CSI financial, ASCII, binary, and BrainMaker files, accepts text or numeric data. NetMaker's simple spreadsheet-like interface helps you organize and preprocess raw data with column shifts, arithmetic operations, moving averages, moving medians and more. Professional also includes data analysis features and graphing!

BrainMaker Neural Network Development System
Today's fastest and most powerful neural network development system. BrainMaker technology is user-friendly and accessible to everyone. Runs on any Mac or IBM PC compatible with 640K, a hard disk, and DOS or Windows. Supports color monitor, printers, mouse, most spreadsheets, databases, and graphics programs. BrainMaker lets you watch the network learn and easily finds a network that tests well. Professional has larger limits, runs faster, also offers feedback (recurrence), includes a Runtime License and more. BrainMaker uses the Back Propagation algorithm.

Manuals, Support, Guarantee
We give you everything you need to get started, even if you're a computer novice. You get a 40 page " Getting Started" which will walk you through the entire process in one afternoon. You get tutorials, example networks to work with, details of real applications, and free technical support for as long as you own your product! You don't have to learn how the brain operates or the mathematics of training a neural network, but if you're curious, you can read about it in our 324-page book, Introduction to Neural Networks, included free. BrainMaker users may upgrade to Professional at any time and receive full credit for the original purchase price of a standard BrainMaker. Order your copy for Windows, DOS, or Macintosh today -- there's an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on all our software!

The BrainMaker Product Line

Complete Price List

BrainMaker for Windows $195

BrainMaker Professional for Windows $795

The Genetic Training Option for Professional $250

BrainMaker Professional + Genetic Training Option $995

People often ask us to compare BrainMaker to Professional. Professional has all the features of standard BrainMaker, plus 7 basic types of additional features 1) larger limits, 2) more automated training and tuning, 3) network and data analysis, 4) a runtime license, 5) financial forecasting features, 6) more graphics, and 7) a sports prediction utility. For details, see Comparison between BrainMaker and Professional.