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BrainMaker Neural Network Software

We think BrainMaker is better for a variety of reasons.
Here's what some reviewers and customers have said:

PC Magazine Editors Choice  Award

Stocks and Commodities Reader's Choice  Award

Scientific Computing and Automation  Reader's Choice Award

"This is a worthy tool for the serious investor and trader."
Mark Thomason, independent review, NeuroVest Journal

"BrainMaker is a great tool to certify quality of care."
George Davis, M.D.

"BrainMaker is the most fascinating computer software I've ever seen."
John Dvorak, PC Magazine

"BrainMaker is an excellent neural network development system. The manuals include the clearest explanations of techniques and concepts that I have come across. California Scientific had a goal of producing a most effortless neural network system and they have succeeded."
Steve Schulman, Wall Street Software Digest

"We use BrainMaker everyday to help make trading decisions. I'm extremely happy with BrainMaker's ability to predict trends."
James O'Sullivan, OBIL Capital Management.

"State-of-the-art high-performance neural network simulation software. I recommend BrainMaker without reservation. Turns any IBM PC compatible into a fascinating lab for the research and development of neural networks."
Steve Gibson, InfoWorld

"An ideal tool for those interested in learning about this technology."
Barry Simon, PC Magazine